GTS is building the gas roundabout of north-west Europe, and Participations & Business Development builds the important ‘junctions’ on the roundabout - Ulco Vermeulen, Managing Director of Participations & Business Development

The infrastructure belonging to GTS and Gasunie Deutschland is part of the ‘gas roundabout’, which serves the Dutch and German markets and which links the different ‘junctions’.

These ‘junctions’ on the gas roundabout bring gas to the roundabout (Nord Stream, BBL and Gate), where it can be traded. The gas is also brought via exits to users or to storage facilities, where it is stored in order to meet fluctuations in gas demand (EnergyStock and Gate terminal). Transit is also possible, for example via the BBL and numerous border exits.

The whole system ensures that gas can be freely transported between Russia via the Dutch trading exchange, the TTF, and the UK, or from Qatar or anywhere else (as LNG) to Rotterdam and on to Germany, or to Belgium from Norway and Denmark, and so on. Gasunie Participations & Business Development makes these ‘junctions’ possible – with and without business partners.


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