We are aware of our environment and the company’s impact on it. We pursue our activities on behalf of, and as part of, the society in which we operate, which is why safe and reliable gas transportation and promoting efficient gas consumption have been at the heart of our policy from the very outset. We have developed this policy on the basis of sustainable development, proceeding from our sense of social responsibility combined with our commercial objectives. In this way, our efforts can continue to contribute to a clean, sustainable and efficient long-term energy supply.

We have set out our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the form of a specific policy focusing on a series of spearhead priorities which tie in directly with our corporate strategy and core values. They include sustainability, good employer practice, environmental protection, social engagement, safety and security of supply, responsible chain management and stakeholder management. We have devised critical performance indicators for most of these priorities, on which we report in our integrated annual report.

We therefore measure our CSR performances meticulously and evaluate them annually. Based on the results, we decide whether it is necessary and/or desirable to adjust or tighten our policy.

Integrated annual report

We compile our integrated annual report using the Transparency Benchmark Criteria. These criteria are drawn up by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and serve as guidelines for transparent reporting on the attainment of CSR targets. Each year, the benchmark compares the annual reports of 500 Dutch companies. Gasunie’s 2013 report scored a respectable 71st place.
Gasunie also applies the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines to its reports.

CSR annual report
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