We are committed to being a good employer on behalf of our employees, who are our main capital asset. This goal is pursued in different ways, amongst others with regard to the following subjects.

Employee development opportunities

We invest in our employees, for example by offering them training so that they can develop to the full, and by devising specific in-house programmes for certain groups of staff, such as internal and external secondment programmes. We give our employees every opportunity to move to other internal positions so that they can take the knowledge and experience they have gained to the next stage in their career. Our managers are trained to offer leadership through coaching, to support their teams in their development.

Terms of employment

We offer our employees good terms of employment which tie in with prevailing market sector norms. We give our staff the opportunity to achieve a proper work-life balance through the application of flexible working hours and conditions. We apply what is known as a flexi-budget to all our employees, which they can spend as they see fit, for example to purchase days off, supplement their pension, buy into a cycle-to-work scheme or convert into cash.


We believe that working in teams with a diverse composition leads to better results, which is why we encourage diversity within our company. For example, we have set targets for the number of women employed in specific technical and non-technical business units. We also hold in-house workshops to highlight different aspects of diversity to our staff.

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