Safety is given the highest priority within the company, and forms the basis of our license to operate. Guaranteeing a safe and uninterrupted transport of gas is our core business. Our own employees and those of our external contractors abide by the strictest safety standards and are given regular refresher courses. We ensure on a daily basis that our installations and pipelines are operating as effectively as possible. We do this safely and efficiently, minimising any detrimental effects on people, the environment and local surroundings. Our pipelines are also regularly checked through internal and external inspections. We have our own accredited and government-approved quality evaluation and inspection service.

We regard security of supply in the Netherlands as one of our most important tasks. We are fully committed to meeting the requirements and expectations of our shareholder in this regard, both in the Netherlands and in Germany. We set targets for security of supply which are also reflected in our remuneration structure.

We expect our suppliers to respect our (internationally acknowledged) standards with regard to safety, health and environment.

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