We want to give due attention and consideration to the society we form part of. We developed a special model for stakeholder management, in which we describe how we want to interact with individuals and organisations who can influence our activities. As our key stakeholders we regard national, regional and local governments, regulatory authorities, the shareholder, customers, suppliers, local residents, the media and nature conservation and environmental organisations. We are committed to striking the right balance between the interests of all these parties.

We therefore take part in many local, national and international consultative structures, where we pursue a structural dialogue with the main stakeholders, such as Energie-Nederland, the Gas Roundabout Consultative Platform, Marcogaz and IGU.

We own and operate one of the world’s most extensive and finely-meshed gas transport networks. We manage over 15,000 kilometres of pipelines in the Netherlands and Germany, below one of the most densely populated regions on the globe. Wherever possible, we involve local stakeholders in our plans in the locations in which we are working. This involves creating scope for dialogue, for example in the form of information and consultation evenings and open days. We regard the feedback and input provided by those present at these various consultative stages as highly valuable.

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