We are facing huge challenges in the energy field. The demand for energy is increasing worldwide. At the same time the climate is changing due to the emission of greenhouse gases, such as CO2. This is what makes a transition to a sustainable energy supply essential. We want to make an active contribution to that. We have laid down in our mission that sustainability is one of the fundamental principles driving our business activities.

Our sustainability policy is expressed in two ways.

Business activities

We believe that the economy and ecology must go hand-in-hand. We develop activities that contribute both to achieving our commercial targets and making the energy supply more sustainable. Gas has a prominent, binding role to play in that and Gasunie wants to make this possible through its infrastructure. (Read also below 'For a sustainable energy supply - The clear task of natural gas' and 'There's a green theme running through our story'). For instance, Gasunie champions the rise of green gas as an efficient, sustainable energy option.

Reducing our footprint

We also work to ensure that our business activities put as little burden on the environment as possible (reducing our footprint) by, for instance, improving our energy efficiency further and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases from our activities through measures and improvements in our business operations.

Our policy is helping us to meet government targets: 20% less CO2 by 2020, annual energy-saving of 2% and 14% sustainable energy generation by 2020.

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