Our aim is to minimise the environmental burden caused by our business activities (footprint). We are therefore working to further improve our energy efficiency and to reduce the greenhouse gases that are released as a result of our activities. Our goal is to achieve a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (or 124 kilotonnes of CO2 equivalent) by 2020. This goal is in line with government targets.

Energy efficiency

We achieve energy efficiencies through energy conservation, the use of renewable energy and efficient energy conversion techniques.

1. Energy conservation

  • We are improving insulation at our gas receiving stations and compressor stations.
  • We have developed a route planner for gas transportation which identifies the most efficient gas transport routes. This advanced instrument, which was developed in-house, allows us to save on compression energy.

2. Use of renewable energy where possible

  • We use green gas in most of our offices.
  • We use green gas and green electricity at other locations.
  • We try to use lease cars that run on green gas wherever possible.


3. Use of efficient conversion techniques

  • We use electrically driven compression.
  • We are improving our gas-fired compression.
  • We use low energy e-motors and lighting.
  • We use high efficiency heating at our gas receiving stations.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

We aim to halt and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by limiting and preventing methane emissions, practising energy recovery and implementing efficient combustion.

1. Cutting methane emissions

  • One of the measures we are pursuing to limit methane emissions during our activities is the use of mobile recompressors or mobile combustion installations wherever possible and viable. This can reduce the flare out of gas during production.
  • We are rebuilding our custody transfer stations in line with a new, emission-free design which we have developed. We have already gained positive experiences with this in Enschede.
  • Over the next few years, Gasunie Deutschland will replace the bulbs it uses at its installations with a more eco-friendly type. This will also help to reduce our energy footprint.

2. Energy recovery

  • We want to switch from gas (pressure)-fired motors to compressed air-driven motors. 

3. Combustion

  • We want to recover the flare out gas from compressors. 

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