Energy Academy Europe and Gasunie join forces for energy research and innovation

Groningen | press release

Energy Academy Europe and Gasunie have concluded an agreement for a strategic co-operation in the area of research, education and innovation in energy. The agreement was formally signed yesterday at Gasunie by Bert Wiersema, director Energy Academy Europe, and Hans Coenen, director Strategy of Gasunie. The company’s current research activities will be transferred to EnTranCe (Energy Transition Centre), which was launched jointly with other partners under the lead of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Groningen), within the formal cooperation with Energy Academy Europe. EnTranCe serves as a testing facility to further develop innovations in (sustainable) production, distribution and transport of energy.

The participation of Gasunie is a boost for the contribution gas can make to a sustainable energy supply. It also strengthens the role Energy Academy Europe can play in education, research and innovation in a sustainable gas and energy infrastructure. In addition, it will ensure the further development of the international orientation of Energy Academy Europe.

As a result of the participation of Gasunie Energy Academy Europe has the opportunity to initiate and develop research and innovation with industrial knowledge partners across the entire gas and energy value chain, from upstream (production and exploration) to downstream (distribution and consumption).

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