First day-ahead cross-border gas transmission platform in Europe


As of 18 February the transmission system operators BEB Transport GmbH (BEB) and Gas Transport Services B.V. (GTS), a subsidiary company of Gasunie, launch the first European booking platform for the combined sales of day-ahead transmission capacity for natural gas: "EUCABO" (European Capacity Booking). "EUCABO" enables contracting of cross-border transmission capacity at the interconnection points between BEB and GTS at Oude Statenzijl. This service is available for both high and low calorific gas. With one single request shippers can contract transmission capacity with BEB and GTS on both sides of the border.

This initiative is an important step in the development towards an integrated European gas market. "EUCABO" responds to the demand of shippers for easy access to cross-border transmission capacity and contributes to the proper functioning of the internal European gas market. "EUCABO" is a pilot project and is set-up as an open platform for additional cross-border points, also for other Transmission System Operators (TSO’s). The development of "EUCABO" by BEB and GTS stems from the Gas Regional Initiative (GRI).

More information on "EUCABO" can be found on the website and on the websites of BEB and GTS. The application "EUCABO" is accessible for registered market parties for the systems of BEB and / or GTS.

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