Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) appoints Marcel Kramer president


At its Annual General Assemblee on 21 November in Madrid, Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) appointed Marcel Kramer, CEO of Gasunie, as its new president.

GIE is a European organization comprising 57 companies that own and/or operate gas transport networks, storage facilities and LNG terminals in 27 countries. GIE is an increasingly important counterpart for European and national authorities, such as the European Commission and the ERGEG, the European organization that brings together national regulatory bodies.

Marcel Kramer, who succeeds Geert Joosten as president: ‘Clean and secure energy supply is of vital importance to all of us. Natural gas will continue to play and essential role in meeting that need in the coming decades. Europe must have a reliable and cost-effective infrastructure and should ensure timely expansion. Only then can natural gas, an increasing percentage of which must be imported into the EU, reach European consumers and support economic growth.

The members of GIE can best serve the public interest when the investment climate for infrastructure is positive. Cross-border cooperation, not only among GIE members but also with the crucially important players outside the EU that who have the stewardship over large natural gas reserves, must be fostered. GIE members are developing many initiatives themselves to this end. They are also committed to a positive and open dialogue with policymakers to enable this. In addition, GIE welcomes initiatives from national regulatory bodies to work together, especially regarding ways to meet the growing regional, cross-border infrastructure needs.’

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