Gasunie activates LNG facility to meet gas demand in the Randstad

This morning, Gasunie put into action its LNG facility on the Maasvlakte to enable it to supply extra natural gas to the Randstad area. The tanks at this facility store Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) which is converted into gas during peak demand periods. It is then sent to Gasunie’s grid. Demand for gas and gas transport has increased in response to the prolonged cold winter weather.

Gasunie has operated this LNG facility, which acts as a so called peak shaver, since 1977. In unusual circumstances where extra gas is required, the peak shaver is put into action to keep gas supplies in the Randstad up to the required level. There have been some of these peak surges during the second half of this week due to the plunging temperatures in large parts of the Netherlands and the resumption of work by companies and institutions after the Christmas break. Demand for gas is currently especially high in the morning.

Gasunie puts its peak shaver on stand-by as soon as the effective daily temperature recorded at the De Bilt national meteorological station drops to -2 °C or below. The peak shaver is a vital part of Gasunie’s overall gas supply system. Use of the facility makes it possible to further optimise the transport of gas. It is essential that the entire population can continue to rely on the supply of natural gas, especially during the present cold snap. So even if winter conditions sometimes result in chaotic scenarios above ground, below ground the gas supply continues uninterrupted.

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