Gasunie buys shareholding in ENDEX


With its purchase Gasunie, a Dutch gas infrastructure company, will join the current set of ENDEX shareholders who also own a 10% shareholding in ENDEX: Delta, Electrabel, ENECO, Essent, Euronext, Nuon, and TenneT. Smaller tranches of ENDEX shares are furthermore held by parties such as Endesa, E.ON, Fluxys, Fortis, RWE and major end-users of energy such as Corus, Parenco and DSM.

The transaction fits in with the strategic objectives of Gasunie and is in line with its core activities, which are aimed at promoting an efficient, transparent and liquid energy market in North-West Europe.

Gasunie is a Dutch gas infrastructure company, owning one of Europe’s largest pipeline networks (11,600 kms). Gasunie pursues the safe, profitable and reliable delivery of natural gas and related services to the integrating European market in an efficient and sustainable way. Gasunie aims at maintaining its position as a leading player in European gas infrastructure. The Dutch grid is positioned in the heart of the North-West European gas infrastructure. Border crossing transmission already makes up two thirds of the throughput of the Gasunie system. Gasunie focuses on maintaining and developing its system as a ‘gas roundabout’ in this part of Europe.

ENDEX is a recognised securities energy exchange based in Amsterdam. It has been founded and funded by Benelux energy market participants and financial parties. ENDEX offers Dutch power futures, Belgian power forwards and Dutch TTF forwards on its Futures Exchange and also offers OTC clearing services for the Dutch power and the Dutch TTF gas market. The ENDEX Futures Exchange is supported by liquidity providers. ENDEX creates market transparency and enables market participants to manage price and settlement risk.

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