Gasunie co-signatory to Green Deal HarvestaGG in northern Netherlands


The Dutch Ministries of Economic Affairs and of Infrastructure and the Environment have concluded a ‘Green Deal’ with Gasunie, HarvestaGG and a number of other parties to enable the construction of a Green Goods Farm. This innovative ‘farm’ will be located in the municipality of Vlagtwedde. Green Goods Farms process specially grown grass on a large scale to create a green input for a wide range of products, including dietary proteins for the animal feed industry, organic fertilizers, transport fuels, bio-LNG and building blocks for bioplastics. The Green Goods Farm will provide direct employment for 20 FTEs and indirect employment for a further 15 FTEs. It will also enable approximately 200 local arable farmers to add a high quality grass to their cultivation schedule as a rotation crop.

From grass to gas

A crucial link in the chain will be the upgrading and liquefaction plant in which biogas is converted into bio-LNG. LNG is becoming a progressively important clean fuel for the waterborne and road-based transport sector. Gasunie New Energy Manager Wout de Groot: "HarvestaGG’s plans tie in well with our strategy and vision for the energy of the future. We aim to use this initiative to show how an integrated sustainable energy concept can prove itself on a commercial scale. Alongside solar and wind power, renewable green gas will play an important role in the energy supply. Gasunie wants to fulfil an active role in increasing the supply of green gas."

Read the full press release in Dutch  on the HarvestaGG website.

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