Gasunie Deutschland Managing Directors appointed

Hannover | press release

Gasunie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG* has acquired the gas transport activities of BEB Transport GmbH and of the ExxonMobil network EMFG. The transfer will be formalised on 1 July 2008. The Board of Directors of N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie has appointed Jens Schumann and Hans Coenen as Managing Directors of Gasunie’s new business unit in Germany.

Jens Schumann and Hans Coenen will have main responsibility for Gasunie Deutschland. Jens Schumann will become Managing Director of Gasunie Deutschland, in addition to focusing on marketing, sales and technical operations. Hans Coenen will become Financial Director, with special responsibility for Finance, Business Support (HR, Legal, ICT) and the integration of Gasunie’s German activities, including Business Development, into the overall Gasunie strategy.

Jens Schumann began his career at BEB in 1991 and has held various positions in BEB Controlling, Gas Sales and Infrastructure. His latest post at BEB was Director Marketing, Analysis & Concepts.

Hans Coenen joined N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie in 1990. He was appointed Manager of the Business Development Department in 2006. Prior to this, he was employed in the Sales Department and has also held various other financial posts.

* The company will provisionally be known by its current name, BEB Transport GmbH, until the new name is recorded in the Commercial Register.

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