Gasunie launches efficiency programme


Cost reduction and streamlining of the organisation

Gas infrastructure company Gasunie will carry out an efficiency programme in the next three years. The company will streamline its processes and carry out structural cost reduction. The efficiency measures are necessary in order to maintain enough room to carry out the Gas Roundabout strategy. The implementation of a new regulatory regime has meant that gas transport income has been put under pressure. Gasunie is aiming for a more compact organisation, in which it is expected that between 100 and 150 jobs will be lost. The company expects that the majority of these job losses will be absorbed through reappointment and normal employee turnover.

An important basic principle is that the measures may not put Gasunie’s core activities -safe, reliable and efficient gas transport- at risk. The ultimate aim of the efficiency operation is a structural cost reduction of in total 60 million euro per year. This will increase the efficiency of the company by 15%. All activities in the efficiency programme are planned to be completed within three years.

CEO and chairman of the Executive Board Paul van Gelder: 'A strong and healthy Gasunie is vital for further extension of the gas roundabout and strengthening of the Netherlands’ position in the international energy market. This is good for security of supply, operation of the free market, and the Dutch economy. Earlier this year we radically reshuffled the organisation and management structures in our company: this change is now proving highly conducive to implementation of the efficiency measures.'

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