Gasunie policy debate in Brussels

Gasunie operates in a European market that is becoming ever more integrated. As a result, most legislation is ever more decided by ‘Brussels’. Two weeks ago, the new European Commission was installed. The Gasunie therefore decided to organize a debate for European politicians and policymakers on Wednesday 24 February, entitled ‘Gas for Europe - Green, Abundant, Secure’.

In his speech, Gasunie CEO Marcel Kramer emphasized that as a cross-border natural gas infrastructure business, Gasunie is highly aware of the possibilities and impossibilities brought about by the ever more integrated European gas market. He stressed out that the European Union should focus in the coming years to make sure that the Third Energy Package is implemented throughout Europe, and that implementation must recognise what some have already achieved. He emphasized the importance of an investment climate that gives clear incentives to infrastructure companies. Public funding should be limited to perhaps a handful of projects for which there is no clear open market alternative. Furthermore he said that security of supply should not be dealt with in isolation from other policy objectives, and pleaded for an open and constructive dialogue with non-EU producing countries. Good functioning gas markets are important because gas is not only the key transition fuel towards a sustainable energy supply, but with, for instance, the developments of green gas it will remain a key fuel in a low carbon society.

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