Gasunie receives Rus Prix Award

Noordwijk/Groningen | press release

Gasunie has received the Rus Prix from the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, H.E. Mr K. Gevorgian. Gasunie was awarded this special acknowledgement due to its ‘outstanding contribution to Russo-Dutch economic relations’.

The award was received by Marcel Kramer, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gasunie. According to Kramer: ‘We’re proud that we’ve been awarded this prize, just as we’re proud that we can make a contribution to Dutch and European energy supplies. Good cooperation between the Russian and Dutch governments, up to the highest level, has been a contributory factor towards enabling our company to show significant progress over the last few years.’

Last week the accession of Gasunie to the Nord Stream consortium was formally concluded. Nord Stream is the new pipeline system to be built, which will link the large Russian gas fields with the North West European market. The European demand for gas imports continues to increase, particularly due to its own declining production, while the demand for gas is robust.

Gasunie, a gas infrastructure and gas transport company since 2005, has built up, over the years, a steadily growing relationship with Russian partners. There is ongoing cooperation with Gazprom, the world’s biggest gas company, and with other Russian institutions, in various areas. Gasunie is also developing activities with Russian partners in areas such as knowledge exchange, energy efficiency and sustainable operation. In addition to this, there is the successful international business school Energy Delta Institute (EDI), a joint initiative of Gasunie, Gazprom and the University of Groningen, which focuses on education and training for younger managers working in the field of energy. A number of large companies have now joined EDI.

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Profile of N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie
Gasunie is a gas infrastructure and gas transmission company with a prominent position in Europe. The total length of the pipeline network comes to more than 12,000 kilometres and, with a throughput of almost 100 billion m3, it ranks as one of the most extensive high pressure networks in Europe. The system encompasses export stations, mixing stations and compressor stations and more than a thousand delivery stations. Gasunie operates and develops the national gas transmission network and offers transmission services via its subsidiary Gas Transport Services B.V. Gasunie considers the wishes of its customers, who want their gas to be transported at competitive tariffs, to be of prime importance to this process. Gasunie also offers other services the scope of gas infrastructure, including gas storage. Gasunie carries out all these activities in a safe, efficient, profitable and sustainable manner.

In the North West European market area, Gasunie is building onto a central logistical role (‘gas hub’). Participation in Nord Stream is one aspect of that ambition, but the recent purchase of a large German pipeline network and other initiatives, such as participation in the Gate terminal project to receive and regasify liquefied natural gas in Rotterdam (the first one in the Netherlands) and facilities for underground storage, also form part of this aim. A major offshore pipeline between the Netherlands and England (BBL) was also completed at the end of 2006. The main objective is to enable a security of supply and market functioning, also in the longer term, for the Netherlands and the surrounding countries. Gas users want more competition and more options, and adequate infrastructure development is vital to make this possible.

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