Gasunie reports good first half-year of 2013

Groningen | press release
  • Net profit of € 214 million
  • More gas transported due to long winter
  • Gasunie helps ensure reliable energy supply in the Netherlands and Northwest Europe

For the first half-year of 2013, Dutch-based gas infrastructure company N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie achieved a net profit of € 214 million. Income for the first six months was down by about € 15 million compared to 2012, as a result of a one-off compensation in the first half of 2012. As in 2012, these figures include a repayment of tariff settlement from previous years. This concerns a sum of approximately € 111 million over the first half-year, which was deducted from the tariffs of Gasunie Transport Services (GTS).

The Netherlands as Gas Hub
In the first half of 2013, a total of 632 billion kWh of gas was transported, which is 13% more than in the same period last year (558 billion kWh). Of all the gas transported, a substantial quantity is high-calorific gas (H-gas), bought by the Netherlands’ neighbouring countries. In the first half-year, the demand for gas in the United Kingdom reached a record high, due to the long period of cold weather. The United Kingdom is largely dependent on imports for its gas supplies.

“Gasunie’s infrastructure is reliable and well connected to international gas flows,” says Paul van Gelder, CEO Gasunie. “This means Gasunie can make an important contribution to the safe and stable supply of energy in the Netherlands and Northwest Europe. It illustrates the extent to which, thanks to investments in the gas roundabout, our country is positioning itself as a strong international logistical gas hub.”

Expected results 2013 in line with 2012
Based on current insights, Gasunie expects income for 2013 as a whole to be approximately € 1.5 billion, and result after taxation from regular operational activities to be in line with the result achieved in 2012.

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