Gasunie strengthens position through acquisition of north-German gas transport network

Groningen | press release

Gas infrastructure company Gasunie has successfully completed negotiations to purchase the gas transport division of the north-German company BEB Erdgas und Erdöl GmbH (BEB). This transport division was jointly owned by Shell Verwaltungsgesellschaft für Erdgasbeteiligungen and ExxonMobil Central Europe Holding GmbH. BEB’s high-quality gas transport network adjoins the Gasunie grid and reaches as far as Berlin. The ExxonMobil network EMGTG is also part of the acquisition. The network, which measures a total length of approx. 3,600 kilometres (roughly a quarter of the size of the Gasunie network), is connected to various important source areas for natural gas, such as the landing point for Norwegian gas in Germany. As a result, the position of Gasunie as owner and operator of an important gas hub for Europe has been significantly strengthened.

The transport division of BEB comprises about hundred fifty employees and transports roughly thirty billion cubic metres of natural gas per year. The Gasunie and BEB networks are interconnected and the activities of both companies are similar. Gasunie will continue BEB’s business operations and existing transport agreements. The storage, exploration and production activities of BEB are not part of the acquisition. The agreement is subject to the approval by the relevant German authorities.

Within the sector, BEB has the reputation of being a very professional and pioneering company. Marcel Kramer, Gasunie CEO: ‘We at Gasunie look forward at working together closely with all our new colleagues at BEB Transport. It’s not only the BEB Transport network that is extremely valuable – another important factor is the experience and skills of the company and its employees. Together we will ensure that our customers will benefit from this agreement. As independent providers of gas transport services, we shall be working together on the security of supply for the Netherlands, Germany and Europe as a whole on the basis of independent gas infrastructure.’

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