Gasunie TSOs auction bundled cross-border capacity

Groningen/Hanover | press release

As of 22 May Gas Transport Services B.V. (GTS) and Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH (GUD) will auction bundled capacity at Oude Statenzijl via TRAC-X, the German primary capacity platform. The firm day-ahead service is the first bundled cross border capacity auction that is offered between two EU Member States. The new service strengthens the link between the TTF and GASPOOL hubs and improves the liquidity of the gas market in North-West Europe. GTS and GUD thereby contribute to an efficient functioning of the European gas market and facilitate competition in the interest of gas users in the region.

For GTS the bundled capacity auction serves as a pilot for the full implementation of the European Network Codes, which are expected to enter into force later this year, at all GTS cross border points.

For this service GTS and GUD will offer day ahead firm capacity, in both directions, at their H-Gas flange Oude Statenzijl. The unique position of GTS and GUD, two cross border TSOs within the N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie group of infrastructure companies, enables the early implementation of the main principles of new European legislation (CAM).

As of 26 March already registered customers of TRAC-X can expand their account via TRAC-X towards the services of GTS. New customers can register on TRAC-X for both TSOs, GTS and GUD. Detailed information about the bundled auction process can be found at the website of TRAC-X Primary (

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