GTS contests NMa regulation decision

Groningen | press release

Gas Transport Services B.V. (GTS), operator of the Dutch national gas transmission grid, is to apply for a court ruling on the plans of the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) for the regulation of gas transmission in the Netherlands. The NMa recently announced the regulation method that it proposes to use.

GTS believes that the method chosen by the NMa will mean that the Netherlands is out of step with the rest of Europe, which will create risks for future domestic gas supplies. This is not in the interests of customers, consumers or the business. The courts will be asked to hand down a decision on this issue.

Pieter Trienekens, CEO of GTS, said: 'The NMa incorrectly assumes that the international gas transmission market can be steered from The Hague'.

Pending the court ruling, GTS will adjust its charges for 2006 in line with the NMa's requirements, in order to avoid uncertainty over these charges for its clients.

GTS Communications
Chris Glerum

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