Marc van der Woude leaving Supervisory Board Gasunie

Groningen | press release

Mr. M.H. (Marc) van der Woude will leave the Supervisory Board of Gasunie per 1 October 2010, having joined the Supervisory Board on 1 July 2005. Van der Woude has been appointed by the governments of the EU Member States as Judge at the General Court of the European Union; this role cannot be combined with membership of the Supervisory Board of Gasunie.

Gasunie congratulates Marc on his appointment.

For the time being, the Supervisory Board of Gasunie will have five members after the departure of Marc van der Woude, namely:

Ir. G.J. van Luijk, chairman
Drs. C. Griffioen RA, vice-chairman
Ir. H.L.J. Noy
Drs. A. Lont
Ir. J.P.H.J. Vermeire 

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