Nederlandse Gasunie to be legally divided

Groningen | press release

Nederlandse Gasunie will be divided into a transport company and a trading arm with effect from 1 July 2005.

The transport company will operate under the name B.V. Nederlandse Gasunie while the trading arm will be called Gasunie Trade & Supply B.V..

The company's shareholders took the decision to pursue the company's transport and trading activities through separate entities in response to the progressive liberalisation of the energy sector. The State of the Netherlands acquired the stake previously held by Shell and Esso (the two private shareholders) in the transport entity. As a result, the network company, including the independent transmission system operator, Gas Transport Services B.V. (GTS), is now wholly state-owned.

Gasunie's trading activities will be continued by Gasunie Trade & Supply B.V. The shareholders will remain unchanged: the State of the Netherlands will hold a 50% stake (40% for Energie Beheer Nederland and 10% for the State itself), and Shell and Esso will each hold a 25% stake.

H.G. Dijkgraaf will be the company's Chief Executive Officer. Messrs D.L. Bensdorp and A.F Elzinga have been appointed Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Financial Officer respectively.

M.P. Kramer will be chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of the transport company B.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, which will shortly be converted back into a public limited liability company. H.A.T. Chin- Sue (CFO), E. Dam (responsible for Construction and Maintenance) and P.E.G. Trienekens (also director of GTS) are members of the Executive Board.

Nederlandse Gasunie will continue to operate from the former head office of Gasunie at Concourslaan 17 in Groningen.

Gasunie Trade & Supply is located in kantoor Kranenburg, Rozenburglaan 11, also in Groningen.


For more information:

B.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, P. Bakker (050 521 2160)

Gasunie Trade & Supply B.V., A. Warner (050 364 8810)

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