New CFO at Gasunie

Groningen | press release

With effect from 1 October 2012, Mr R. Oudejans will occupy the post of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Gasunie. He will take over from Mr H.A.T. Chin-Sue. Mr Oudejans will also be a member of Gasunie’s Board of Directors.

Mr Oudejans has occupied various financial posts within the energy sector as well as other sectors. He has been a member of the Board and CFO of energy network operator Enexis since 2008.

Mr Oudejans’ appointment took place on the recommendation of Gasunie’s Board of Supervisory Directors and has been approved by the Minister for Finance.

The arrival of Mr Oudejans means that the Board of Directors now consists of three members, i.e.:

  • Paul van Gelder (CEO and chairman of the Board of Directors)
  • Geert Graaf (Member of the Board of Directors)
  • René Oudejans (Member of the Board of Directors and CFO)

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