One of the world’s largest LNG carrier’s the Q-Max ‘Al Samriya’ arrives at Gate terminal

Rotterdam - Maasvlakte

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier Q-Max ‘Al Samriya’ arrived at Gate terminal in the morning of the 27th July 2011. The Al-Samriya is the third and final commissioning LNG cargo for the start-up of the terminal. This also marks the delivery of the first Qatari LNG from Qatargas to the Netherlands. The ‘Al Samriya’ is a 263,000 m3 Q-Max LNG carrier, the largest type in the world, with a length of 345 m and a beam of 55 m.

The Q-Max carriers are a new generation of LNG mega-ships. The Q-Max has 80 percent more capacity than conventional LNG carriers with about 40 percent lower energy requirements due to the economies of scale created by their size and the efficiency of the engines. Q-Max LNG carriers allow for more efficient transport of LNG.

Prior to the start of commercial operations of Gate terminal in September 2011, the installations will be tested extensively for several months. In the first phase of this so called commissioning period, the tanks and pipelines are cooled down to -162 degrees Celsius. That is the temperature of the liquefied natural gas which will be supplied by LNG-carriers, stored in the three tanks at the terminal and then be supplied to the Dutch transmission network.

The development of Gate terminal has been on schedule since the start of the construction in 2008. Gate terminal expects to start commercial operations in September 2011. The throughput capacity of the terminal will be 12 billion m3 of natural gas per year. Gate terminal is the first LNG terminal built in the Netherlands and will deliver an important contribution to the security of supply of gas in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Through this terminal, the Netherlands is connected to gas flows from around the world, which will further strengthen the position of the Netherlands as gas roundabout in Europe.

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