TNO Certificate for Gasunie's PSL Module

Groningen | press release

The PSL risk module developed by the Gasunie Technology & Assets P(i)MS programme has been officially approved by TNO Certification. Ad Pijnacker Hordijk, P(i)MS project manager, recently took formal delivery of the certificate from TNO Certification in Apeldoorn. The PSL risk module calculates the risk of gas fires caused by incidents involving natural gas transport pipelines.

Pipelines are increasingly exposed to wear and tear, corrosion and third party damage. Pipeline managers must therefore exercise constant care and attention if inspections are to be rigorous and safety guaranteed. Gasunie and the UK firm ATP (Associated Technology Pipeline Ltd.) have therefore created a dedicated programme - PimSlider - to assist these inspections. PimSlider can provide immediate data on a particular network, help managers take decisions and exchange information with other in-company systems. PSL performs a vital function within PimSlider.

The PSL risk module assesses the external safety of Gasunie's 11,000 kilometre-plus pipeline network in the Netherlands. As well as compiling risk contours, it also gives a bird's-eye view of the network's safety status and can readily evaluate the effect of potential risk abatement measures. This, coupled with its versatility, makes it a highly useful instrument for both existing and new pipelines.

TNO Certification and TNO Safety Solutions Consultants tested the risk module against Dutch government specifications for quantified risk analyses of underground steel gas transport pipelines. The TNO agencies subjected the module to both quantitative and qualitative tests over a period of more than six months. They concluded that it met the relevant specifications.

For more information, please contact:
P. Bakker - Tel. 06 - 533 899 37 / 050 5212160

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