Tribunal's decision on regulation favours gas market

Groningen | press release

The Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal (CBb) has decided today, in a case brought by the operator of the national gas transmission network, Gas Transport Services B.V. (GTS), that the regulation model as determined in 2005 by the Netherlands Competition Authority, Office of Energy regulation (NMa/DTe), is not lawful.

In an initial reaction, GTS and its parent company Gasunie (the Dutch infrastructure company for natural gas transmission, storage and related services) have stated that this decision is favourable for their customers and the functioning of the market in the Netherlands. There is a substantial demand for new infrastructure that promotes market functioning and security of supply. The tribunal’s decision can be helpful in removing an important obstacle to investments.

In close consultation with all parties involved, in particular with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the NMa, the outline of the new model will have to be decided on soon. Some aspects of the model of the NMa were already being discussed on the initiative of the Minister of Economic Affairs.

A new model should have to take effect in 2007. Naturally, the NMa/DTe would play an important role in this new model as the regulatory authority. GTS and Gasunie aim for Dutch tariffs to remain low in comparison to other European countries.

Groningen, 30 November 2006

Chris Glerum
Press Office, Gas Transport Services

The N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie (Gasunie) is a gas infrastructure and gas transport company. The organization owns the Dutch gas transport network, one of the largest in Europe. The total length of the gas transport network is about 12,000 km and the annual volume transported is nearly 100 billion m3. Gasunie’s mission is to provide safe and reliable gas transport in the Netherlands and Europe – in an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable way. The internationalization of gas streams makes great demands on infrastructure and transport expertise. Gasunie has a strong starting position for this and aims at strengthening its leading position in Europe (‘the gas roundabout’).

Profile of Gas Transport Services B.V. (GTS)
Gas Transport Services B.V., a 100% subsidiary of Gasunie, has been appointed national operator of the Dutch gas transport network. One of GTS’s most important tasks is to transport natural gas in a non-discriminatory way in order to promote a well-functioning gas market. (

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