VIDEO PRESS RELEASE: Gasunie links Denmark and Sweden to the European gas market

Groningen | press release
  • Denmark now also connected to European gas market
  • Gasunie is contributing towards European security of supply
  • Denmark is a leader in sustainable practices and, like other countries, relies on the flexibility provided by gas

On Monday 30 September, Denmark brought a new 100-kilometre gas transmission pipeline and a compressor station into use.  This extension of the Danish national gas transmission network, from Egtved to the Danish-German border point of Ellund, links Denmark and Sweden to the European gas market via the network of N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie.  As Gasunie’s infrastructure is reliable with good connections to international gas flows, for example from Norway and Russia, Gasunie is clearly a major international logistical gas centre.

Bringing the pipeline into use will put Denmark in the position of being able to import more gas via the Gasunie network. Gasunie Deutschland is also playing a major part in all this by extending its own network, so that the gas can make its way to Denmark and Sweden. As Denmark’s own production is declining, this is a necessary step in order to continue to have sufficient energy available.  The Gasunie network will also play a crucial part in all this by integrating sustainable energy as affordably and as reliably as possible.   Denmark in particular, which makes heavy use of solar and wind power, sorely needs the flexible support of natural gas.

Gasunie Director of Strategy, Hans Coenen said: 'We’re proud that Gasunie can make a significant contribution towards security of supply in Northwest Europe. By working together across borders, countries can rely on the flexibility of gas and we can facilitate a future energy supply founded upon sustainable practices.’

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