Access to Tender documents

Gasunie tenders are conducted entirely online via the Ariba system. Suppliers shall submit all requested information regarding the tender via Ariba.
Suppliers will gain access to the tender, after the Gasunie purchaser has added the suppliers to the tender. After addition, the supplier will receive an invitation by email from the Ariba system.

If supplier would like to receive access to a tender, a request shall be sent to the Gasunie buyer who organizes the tender.
In the case of a tender that has been announced via TenderNed, the email address of the Gasunie buyer/contact person is stated in I.1 of the announcement.

For a request for access to a tender, please send an email to the Gasunie buyer/contact person stating:

  1. The tender name
  2. The following company information:
    - name
    - postal code
    - city
    - country
  3. The following information of the person that must be invited to the tender:
    - name
    - email address
    - phone number

Gasunie will send the designated person an invitation to the event as soon as possible.

If supplier have not received an invitation after two working days, please contact the Gasunie buyer/contact person again and send an email to: