HR adviser – Human Resource Management

Working for Gasunie? What this means to me is working in a professional organisation with high quality standards, a committed and proud workforce and inspiring colleagues.

Gasunie operates all over the country and that is one reason that makes it a great company to work for and to talk about. Energy issues are often in the news and usually affect our organisation in some way. The challenge for the HR Department is to support the business units so that they are in an even better position to achieve their organisational objectives.

Gasunie is a knowledge-intensive organisation in which employees play a crucial role. It is essential therefore that the employees can get the best out of themselves in order to achieve their goals. I have observed in recent years that Gasunie is changing. The external environment, internal structure and the culture are all undergoing change. This demands flexibility from the organisation and from the employees. We ensure that the right person is in the right job. Not only for now, but also for the future.

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