Coordinator for RTL capacity planning - System Design and RTL planning

What have I gained from working at Gasunie? It is a simple question but not one that is easy to answer. First of all, Gasunie is a dynamic and enterprising business with interesting jobs. It has a multinational character, with the charm of a local business and exceptional collegiality between the employees.

I am responsible for ensuring that the capacity of our transmission system is up to scratch by constantly testing it against demand. After all the gas must continue to flow through the pipes even when demand is high. The interests of our customers are never out of mind. When problems arise in the grid, I make sure they are resolved. If that means investment in our network, I take on the project leader role myself. My job is strategic but it is also very concrete and practical.

The great thing about working for Gasunie is that there are plenty of opportunities to grow within the company. Gasunie attaches a great deal of value to training and developing staff and supports them in their career development.

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