Communications adviser/spokesperson – Corporate Communications

There has been a great deal of change in the energy world in recent years. The playing field is becoming increasingly international, competition in Europe ever greater, legislation and regulations are constantly creating new frameworks, progress continues to be made in the development of innovative technology and we are working hard toward the transition to a sustainable energy supply. Our aim as a company is to occupy an important position in this dynamic environment and that presents us with new challenges all the time. The same applies to our employees who want to keep pace with these developments. Communication as a discipline plays an important role in this of course; however, communication is not a task for the Communications Department alone, it is a responsibility of the whole organisation. We therefore support our management with advice on how to deal with these changes and how they can assist their staff in this area.

We are not alone in finding energy important, the media are also very interested in this theme. The role of spokesperson is therefore a rewarding and, sometimes very challenging, part of the work of a communications adviser. The company has important duties that are essential to society. Everyone looks at our activities which take place all over the country. We consider it very important to have good relations with our environment, and so we pay a great deal of attention to this.

What is it that makes my work so rewarding? Without exaggeration: everything actually. I work in a stimulating environment which is changing all the time, where no two days are the same and where, as an employee, you are given the opportunity and scope to take initiatives. Where much is asked of you but you also get a lot back. And I do that with 1,700 highly motivated colleagues. What more could you want?

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