Project leader - Corporate Service Centre

The activities of the Corporate Service Centre (CSC) are geared to facilitating the internal organisation as well as possible. The emphasis is on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the internal processes and offering high quality products and services to the organisation. In order to do that well, I monitor internal and external developments and identify the organisation's requirements. We at the CSC are also given the scope to initiate our own projects which contribute to the general objectives. As project leader, I am responsible for initiating these projects and seeing them through. They could involve property or projects related to document-management, as well as projects with an ICT component.

The CSC interfaces with all Gasunie departments and that explains the diversity of the projects that we do. I have to have a thorough knowledge of the organisation at my fingertips to be able to develop and complete projects within the set frameworks. It is this dynamic setting, the variety of work, the project-based method of working and the constant search for opportunities to improve that gives me energy and enthusiasm in my role as project leader!

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