Senior Coordinator - Corporate Strategy

Certainly in a field such as gas infrastructure, which is seen by many as a 'dull, old men's game' (which it most definitely is not!), it is very interesting, in addition to the specific practical challenges, to try to set out an abstract 'vague' thing like strategy in a way that is both dynamic and attractive.

The energy world is in transition and Gasunie wants to continue to be the leading player it has always been. This means that we are dealing with extremes. We are developing the broad lines of a long-term corporate vision, which will then have to be defined in detail as far as as possible. We take account of changes in our external environment as well as changes in our organisation. To be able to do this well it is important that we know what is going on in the organisation and that we manage to communicate this to our Board of Directors and Supervisory Board. We talk to people on the operational side of the business, such as Operations and Projects, as well as colleagues in corporate support departments such as Legal Affairs and Finance.

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