Controller - Participations and Business Development

I have been working as a controller in the Participations and Business Development unit since June 2008. In this post I am responsible for the business planning and control cycle in the business unit.

I keep track of the financial position of the unit and I am responsible for the information requirements of the unit, its subsidiaries and the underlying departments, so that Gasunie management and the subsidiaries' shareholders are able to take the right decisions. I am also a sparring partner and point of contact for various colleagues.

In addition to internal reporting, I am responsible for preparing annual reports, consolidations, grant applications and the invoicing for services provided to subsidiaries. In view of the various disciplines in the work, it is important to have the right information systems, so I help with the set-up, implementation and monitoring of adequate management information systems.

Day-to-day work in the unit is very variable. This can be due to new projects or changes in the organisations but it is also because we have to deal with legislation and regulations. In short: it is never boring. This combined with our great team (who have a sense of humour) makes it the perfect job for me!

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