Head of Installations - Installations operations at Maasvlakte

Gas transmission is the driving force of Gasunie. The transmission of gas is made possible by the many thousands of kilometres of pipeline under the ground, the compressors that force the gas through the pipelines, and the blending stations that mix gas of different qualities to produce the quality that customers expect of us. Also vitally important are the Gasunie technicians who work all over the country. That in a nutshell is what the Installations Department stands for.

One of the installations that my department is responsible for is designed to handle peak supply of gas in extremely cold periods. Gas is an important source of energy, which Dutch households and industry can always rely on. Safety, quality and security of supply are the priorities in our business.

We have to deal with various external influences, such as the regulator and legislation and regulations. We have to become more and more efficient in our operations, while ensuring that this is not at the expense of safety and the environment. The technology is developing all the time and becoming increasingly complex. These are all matters that I deal with on a daily basis in my management role at Maasvlakte. Important elements of my work are making the right investment decisions, maintenance, staff development and organisation. It is a challenging job in a challenging sector. Standing still is not an option!

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