Public Affairs Manager - International and Regulatory Affairs

I have been employed as Gasunie's Public Affairs Manager in The Hague for over three years. I am responsible for representing the company's interests and maintaining contact with the Dutch government. I often also act as 'the face' of Gasunie in The Hague. This means that I have regular contact with civil servants, politicians and representatives of industry associations and other companies, but I also have to liaise a lot with colleagues about the content of actual themes. My work brings me into contact with most actual themes in which Gasunie and the government are both involved. This makes my job very varied. I have recently been involved, for instance, in energy policy, legislation on gas, emissions, tendering procedures and tax matters.

In addition to my job, Gasunie has given me opportunities for personal and career development. For example, I recently took a postgraduate course in Energy Finance at Erasmus University.

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