Technology and engineering are extremely important specialist areas for us. That’s why we are always on the look-out for technical specialists. However, a lot of professional staff also work in other interesting areas.

Overview of our most important specialist areas

  • Technology and engineering – secondary vocational education
    -   Mechanical engineering
    -   Electrotechnology
    -   Instrumentation technology
    -   General Operational Technology
    -   Cathodic Protection
    -   Welding technology
  • Technology and engineering – university education (applied sciences/research)
    -   Mechanical engineering
    -   Electrotechnology
    -   Automation technology
    -   General Operational Technology
    -   Civil engineering
    -   Process technology
  • Information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Strategy
  • Financial / Economic
  • Purchase / Supply Chain Management
  • Legal
  • Business Development / Sustainability
  • Regulation
  • Communications
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)

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