Gasunie offers students the option of a work placement or a final project. These can apply to various different disciplines and at different levels. If you are studying, for example, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Business Economics, Industrial Engineering and Management Science, ICT, Econometrics or Law, then perhaps we have a suitable placement for you.

Make a proposal

You can get to know our company by accepting a placement or carrying out a final project. Have you got a good idea for a placement? Or have you got a proposal for an interesting final project? We are open to creative suggestions and would like to get in contact with you. We offer opportunities to students at senior secondary (vocational) level and at university (applied sciences or research) level. Most placements start in February or September. Placements available are filled as quickly as possible, so get in touch with us in plenty of time.

Project Challenge

In addition to our normal work placements we are going to be running an international student project every so often: the Gasunie Project Challenge. In the Gasunie Project Challenge, a team of students from different disciplines will work together on an actual strategic case.

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For more information about the possibilities for placements or final projects, please contact our placement and final project coordinators Marleen de Boer and Paulien van der Maar ( Send us your CV, tell us what you are studying, why you want to have a placement with us or carry out a final project about us and which subject areas or directions you prefer.

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