How can I apply for a placement at Gasunie?

If you would like to do a work placement or final project at Gasunie, please contact us. Mail your CV, tell us what you are studying, why you want to do a placement or final project with us, which subject or direction you prefer and the relevant time period.

Will I be paid for my placement at Gasunie?

Yes, you will receive a placement allowance for a placement or final project carried out at Gasunie. This allowance will be € 300 per month for senior secondary vocational students and € 400 per month for students at universities of applied sciences and € 475 or research universities.

Do I have to fulfil certain conditions to do a placement with Gasunie?

In order to do a placement at Gasunie, you must be registered at a Dutch senior secondary vocational education institution or a university of applied sciences or a research university. If your nationality is not Dutch, you may also possibly need a residence permit.

When must I apply for a placement?

Placements are filled quickly so contact us in plenty of time. If you should be too late to apply for a placement you can always just send an email. It may be the case that there are still placements available or that we can create a placement position especially for you.

If I do my placement at Gasunie, how many hours will I work per week?

If you do a placement at Gasunie, then you are, in principle, working full-time. This means that you will have a 40-hour working week. If you are available for less than 40 hours for your placement or final project, then let us know by email so that we can decide together on the options.

How long will the placement last?

You will decide the length of the placement by discussing this with your placement supervisor.

Where can I find out more information about placements and final projects?

You can contact our placement and final project coordinators Marleen de Boer en Paulien van der Maar ( for more information.

When can I start my placement?

Regular placements start in February and September. If you want to start at a different time, contact us.


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