In addition to our normal work placements we are going to be running an international student project every so often: the Gasunie Project Challenge. In the Gasunie Project Challenge, a team of students from different disciplines will work together on an actual strategic case, for example market research in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland or an investigation into the future challenges in the world of sustainable energy.

As a participant in the Gasunie Project Challenge, you will work together with other students coming from very different disciplines and cultures. You will gain experience together and learn from each other. A marvellous way to start your career and to work on your development!

Tatiana Belanova

Student of Dutch Law (research university)

“At Gasunie I took part in the international student project ‘Regulation across Europe’. The project was supervised by the Legal, Regulatory and Public Affairs department. Under the terms of the project, I investigated some aspects of competition law in Europe and Russia (from a comparative perspective). I also attended a seminar on Russian competition law in Moscow and took part in various presentations in order to gain a good insight into the “world of gas transport”. It was extremely interesting and informative.”

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