Debt programmes

European Medium Term Notes (EMTN) programme

The EMTN programme enables Gasunie to place long-term bond loans with professional investors. The current EMTN programme size is EUR 7.5 billion.

The EMTN prospectus describes the legal framework governing Gasunie’s bond issues. This prospectus is approved by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and is valid for 1 year following the date of approval.

Euro Commercial Paper (ECP) programme

The ECP programme enables Gasunie to place loans of up to 1 year with professional investors. The ECP programme has been operational since December 2011. The ECP programme size is EUR 750 million.

Revolving Credit Facility

In July 2014, Gasunie concluded a EUR 750 million committed credit facility with a group of 9 banks. This facility will expire in July 2020.