Here you can find the most recent version of our General Conditions for procurement. All purchase orders of N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie and her affiliates are subject to these conditions, as stated in our Request for proposal and our Purchase order.

General conditions

Supplier Code of Conduct


Gasunie uses Ariba to collaborate fully digitally with her suppliers, from sourcing event until invoicing.

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Normalization & standardization

We expect our suppliers to respect our (internationally acknowledged) standards with regard to safety, health and environment.

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Supplier support

Content related

I have a technical question about an awarded order

Please contact your client or see your order for details


I have a question about a tender, the contract etc.

Your buyer or +31 50 521 2241


I have a question about invoicing

Accounts Payable 
+31 50 521 1017


I have a question about our Ariba account

Ariba Helpdesk 
+31 800 0200 582

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