Welcome to Gasunie’s press service, the special section of the Gasunie website to support the media. Here, you will find the latest press releases and publications and you can contact one of our press officers.

Contact with Press Officers

Gasunie's Press Officers, part of our Corporate Communications Department, handles interaction with the media on behalf of Gasunie. They respond to media enquiries, inform the media, handle media interest in Gasunie issues and handle interview requests.
Our Press Officers can be contacted always via press@gasunie.nl.

Opening Nord Stream Download: lo-res | hi-res
Opening Nord Stream
Download: lo-res | hi-res
Opening Gate terminal Download: lo-res | hi-res
Opening Gate terminal
Download: lo-res | hi-res

Video material

Gasunie has footage in various formats to support your news item. More information regarding the footage via press@gasunie.nl.

Please visit Gasunie on YouTube.

Energy for life_UK.wmv

Energy for life

Constructing a reliable network

Constructing a reliable network

The clear task of natural gas.wmv

The clear task of natural gas


Gasunie crosses the river Westerschelde with drilling record

The press service is exclusively intended for the media. For general or commercial matters about Gasunie please contact us via Gasunie’s service desk: +31 50 521 91 11 or info@gasunie.nl.

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