26 Jun 2019

King Willem-Alexander opens sustainable HyStock hydrogen plant

This morning, Wednesday 26 June, King Willem-Alexander opened Gasunie’s HyStock green hydrogen plant in Veendam, near Groningen. This plant is the first step in creating the hydrogen supply chain of the future, which will see green energy converted, stored and transported to customers. It is also a key, specific measure that will help make the Netherlands sustainable and carbon-neutral. During his visit, the King saw various uses of hydrogen in the manufacturing and mobility sectors.

The HyStock hydrogen plant converts 1 megawatt of sustainable electricity to green hydrogen and is the first to apply this process on a serious scale. Gasunie’s aim is to achieve large-scale and profitable storage of hydrogen in the company’s EnergyStock underground gas storage facilities in the near future. The hydrogen can then be used as a sustainable source of energy, including when solar and wind energy are unavailable.

‘Hydrogen is a key element of the energy supply of the future,’ explains Han Fennema, Gasunie’s CEO. ‘The HyStock hydrogen plant is the first specific step towards really making an effort to achieve the required further growth in the use of sustainable hydrogen throughout the chain, from production to usage. We will be able to make part of our existing infrastructure suitable for the transport and storage of hydrogen by 2030. This sustainable reuse of the existing gas network will help to keep our energy supply reliable and affordable.’

Since large-scale transport and storage of hydrogen is expected to be easy, reliable and affordable, hydrogen can play a key role as a clean energy carrier for manufacturing, mobility and the built environment. Converting electricity into hydrogen is a way of using the expected future surpluses of sustainable electricity. HyStock is the start of the future hydrogen market and therefore helps to achieve the goal of making the Netherlands and Europe carbon-neutral.