3 Jun 2016

GTS: Method ACM to establish costs GTS defective

Following the publication of the draft method resolutions for national and regional energy network operators on April 6, 2016, the Dutch Authority Consumer & Market (ACM) today published its supplementary draft method resolution on the static efficiency of GTS.

It has been known for a while that the Dutch Regulator has the intention to establish the efficiency of GTS by means of a cost benchmark study. From the outset, GTS has objected against the ACM's approach. The set-up of the study insufficiently takes into account the differences between (the costs of) operators and the conditions under which they operate. According to GTS, it is impossible to make an informed decision on the cost effectiveness on the basis of these studies. The widely differing rates of productivity, which the benchmark study shows according to the ACM, prove the inadequacy of the study method and the unreliability of the results. GTS will further discuss these points in its response to the draft method decision.

Click here to view the additional draft method decision on GTS.