10 Jun 2016

Independent gas infrastructure companies present joint green vision for Europe

At the occasion of the 14th GIE Annual Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, seven gas infrastructure companies from seven different European countries, united in the Green Gas Initiative, have published a joint reportGas and Gas Infrastructure – The Green Commitment”. The Green Gas Initiative consists of independent gas infrastructure companies who committed themselves to achieve a 100% carbon-neutral gas supply in their transport infrastructure by 2050. Due to the differences per country each company has its own approach to move closer to this objective. With the publication of their joint report the members give an insight into their various projects.

Gasunie contributes by developing green projects such as:

  • Development Green‐gas Booster: transfer of green gas between networks to manage oversupply

  • LNG break‐bulk facility at Gate terminal (Port of Rotterdam): facilitating LNG as a clean fuel alternative for the transport sector

  • Hydrogen transport via Gasunie gas network (Zeeuws‐ Vlaanderen)

  • Innovative gasification technologies for biomass (Milena, Torrgas)

  • Certification of green gas (Vertogas)

  • Large‐scale heat projects; hybrid heat pumps